How to Rate Wine

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At Wine Zombie rating events:
Though there are many wine rating systems in the world today, we use the 100 point rating system.  Each wine starts off with 50 base points.  Up to 5 points are merited for Color & Appearance.  Up to 10 points are merited for Aroma & Bouquet.   Up to 20 points are merited for Flavor & Finish.  Up to 10 points are merited for Overall Quality.  Add up the scores in each category to include the 50 base points to receive your final rating.

On WineZombie.Com:
We use the 10 star rating system on our website.  Why do we use two different rating systems?  We don’t!  We have configured the 10 star rating system to reflect the same score as the 100 point rating system.  If a wine has been rated 7.3 stars out of 10, then that means the wine has scored 73 out of a possible 100 points.

Rating Scale
95-100 — Classic; a great wine
90-94 — Outstanding; superior character and style
80-89 — Good to very good; wine with special qualities
70-79 — Average; drinkable wine that may have minor flaws
60-69 — Below average; drinkable but not recommended
50-59 — Poor; undrinkable, not recommended

Rating Categories
Color & Appearance
Pros: Wine makers are creating wine of exquisite color and clarity. Most wines should receive 10 stars.
Cons: The wine looks dirty like a mop bucket (very rare).

Aroma & Bouquet
Pros: Smells clean, intense aroma, complex and diverse.  You should be able to pick out many different aromas.  You can use the Wine Aroma Wheel to assist you.
Cons: Smells like vinegar, rotten eggs, wet card board, wet horse blanket, etc.

Flavor & Finish
Pros: How intense is the flavor, is it balanced (sugar to acid), how long does it last in your mouth, is it complex and can you pick out many different flavors?  You can use the Wine Aroma Wheel to assist you.
Cons: Short finish, lacks depth, one dimensional, displeasing flavor, unbalanced, etc.

Overall Quality
Pros: Can it evolve, will it improve with age, etc.
Cons: Will not improve with age, very short bottle life, etc.


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