The Big Green Box Wine

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By Ben Bodenstein –

In the “way back when;” you know, the past that historians love and school children hate, wine came in assorted sizes of bottles. The 750 milliliter bottle became the most common here because that was the size the French used and at that time our wine industry was doing everything it could to emulate the French. Along with that 750 ml bottle came all of the oversized bottles that the French loved. There was the 3 Liter Jeroboam, 4.5 liter Rehoboam, 6 liter Methuselah, 9 liter Salmanazar, 12 liter Balthazar and the reigning king of kings, the 15 liter Nebuchadnezzar. Sanity finely took control and the 750ml bottle became our standard except for the oversized bottles occasionally used for advertising.

It now appears that the industry is taking a giant step backwards to the days of yore with the introduction of wine boxes which can safely and securely hold 3 liters of wine. Don Sebastiani, of the famed Sebastiani wine making family and the guru behind the Pepperwood Grove wines, has taken this type of packaging to its ultimate point and offers both bottles and boxes in assorted sizes.

For those who like to keep a larger volume of wine on hand or just appreciate the lower cost of these wines, there is the 3 liter Big Green Box. This box, which holds the equivalent of 4 750 ml bottles fits easily in your refrigerator, can keep the wine in excellent condition for many, many weeks and even comes with an easy to use pouring spigot. To compliment the Big Green Box, there is the Little Green Box which contains 500 ml, just enough for three glasses of wine to accompany a meal or two glasses of wine for the meal leaving one to use for cooking.

Big Green Box Chardonnay ($19.99). Chardonnay is just one of the varieties packaged in a Big Green Box. This Chardonnay screams its California birthplaces and is a big and happy exception to the basic rule that a less expensive Chardonnay is usually light, flimsy thing with none of the true Chardonnay flavor. While the Big Green Box Chardonnay may be in the affordable category, this wine is a cut above many of the others in its price class and presents the true and classical Chardonnay aromas of apple and pear. On the palate there is not one flavor to pick from, but a host of constantly changing flavors which eventually resolve themselves into tropical fruits and melon. This is an interesting and delightful Chardonnay with a relatively long finish and is well worth your interest.

Little Green Box Pinot Grigio ($4.99).This is an example of the true value of the little Green Box. It is quick to chill and easily carried in a picnic basket or cooler.This delightful Pinot Grigio displays a crystal clear, pale straw color and an aroma that is reminiscent of summer wild flowers and fresh Bosc pears. On the palate, the wine is almost totally dry, but the fruit flavors give the impression of sweetness.

Pepperwood Grove Pinot Noir ($7). The Pepperwood Grove Pinot Noir is a well-made wine that exhibits all of the properties and charms that the grape variety is capable of without any of the off flavors often found in its less expensive cousins. Dark in color and big in flavor, this wine presents a bright cherry flavor and aroma coupled with a background of nutmeg and rose petals. To find an affordable pinot noir that does not taste like mouthwash is a rare treat and this one is definitely that, a rare treat. As a side note, the bottle comes with a re-sealable stopper; not a screw top but a new and novel plastic closure. This adaptation of the traditional cork stopper allows the user to effectively seal the bottle securely for storage or transportation. While it does not eliminate the air inside the bottles, it does prevent new air from entering and also prevents spillage, even if accidently knocked over.

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