Another Victory for Wellington Vineyards

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By SAHMmelier –

My Brother-in-law is in town this weekend, which always means that we will be eating well.  Since we were celebrating his birthday, we chose to open something fabulous: a 2005 Wellington Victory Reserve.  This is a super special bottle of wine.  Wellington Vineyards has only done six Reserves in the last seventeen years.  They only do so when they can make a blend they deem “markedly superior” to the single varietal Cab or Merlots.  This 2005 flagship wine is composed of 70%Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Petit Verdot, and 10%Merlot.

The boys in my husband’s family like their meat, so we had Filet Mignon with mushrooms which I sautéed with garlic, thyme, a splash of wine, and I poured the meat drippings in the pan at the end.  I made a pretty classic Caesar dressing (sans anchovies) and mashed potatoes.  Nothing fancy, a typical “man” meal in this house.  The wine paired really nicely with the meal.

On the nose, I got blueberry, cassis, cedar, and spice.  A lot going on.  We chose to aerate it since it was so big and not too old.  Huge muddled fruit on the front. I got blackberry, blueberry, and spicy wood- cedar or eucalyptus?  Softer notes like vanilla and violet came through in finish.  My BIL described it as “fat daddy” and my husband said a “banker.”  This wine is not shy.  And neither was I when my glass was empty.  Want to share those last sips with me, honey?  (Insert eye batting) Delicious.

We just received the 2006 Victory Reserve which is a different blend altogether.  Cab Sauvignon, Cab Franc, Merlot, Malbec, and Petit Verdot.  They say it is their best yet.  And we are supposed to cellar it?  That will be tough.  It is definitely a special occasion wine at $50.00, but worth every bit.  As usual, Wellington wines are a value no matter what the price point.  Another Victory for Wellington Vineyards.

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