Downtown Joe's Brewery and Resturant

Address: 902 Main St. Napa, CA
Hours: 8:30 AM to after 10 PM
Phone: (707) 258-2337


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About Us

Yes, that is right! The brewery at Downtown Joes was built in 1988 by Chuck Ankeny: the great grandson of Adolf Hamms of Milwaukee. Chuck and brewmaster Brian Hunt aimed to re-establish the great beer brewing tradition of the City of Napa. Joe Peatman and Joe Ruffino bought the brewery in 1993 and re-christened it Downtown Joe\\\'s. Joe Ruffino retired in 2004 and now Joe Peatman runs the business.Our brewery was built as an English Ale House and we produce mostly Ales. Some are very Brittish and others are very West Coast styled.

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