Turnbull Wine Cellars

Address: 8210 Saint Helena Highway Rutherford, CA 94562
Phone: (800) 887-6285
Hours: daily 10am - 5pm
Website: www.turnbullwines.com
Email: info@turnbullwines.com


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About Us

The Turnbull name goes back to the early 1300’s, when Scottish King Robert The Bruce was hunting in the Great Caledon Wood, near Sterling, with a group of his closest and most trusted companions. When a ferocious bull suddenly attacked the king, his friend William Roule heroically placed himself between the bull and the king, and subdued the great beast, by turning its head to the ground, until help arrived. The grateful king dubbed his subject “Turnbull” and awarded him a crest featuring a bull’s head with the motto: Audaci Favet Fortuna.

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