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Aaaah…the brand of Chef Marian! It’s been a wonderful ‘trip’ so far...talking with you about things I know having to do with food, wine, events I have created, recipes and I have really enjoyed having a place to ‘rant’! Many viewers come here from San Diego Foodies, Encinitas Chop and Sip and Encinitas Chess Club (believe it or not, Chess Players DO like to eat)! I always say: “If you like to cook or eat, we probably should meet”! My goal is to help you get comfortable in the kitchen, teach you that a mistake is an opportunity to create and if and when you are good with that, to have me come into your kitchen on skype, so that you have someone whose ‘got your back’ and can walk you through recipes. I have had some people actually take me shopping (on phone) to know the best products, the best value, and to have me there to make sure they get all the right ingredients for the dinner. Others email me and we do Cooking Classes, in my kitchen in Encinitas (sometimes in their kitchen).

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